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Top 3 Fashion Brands Based In The U.S.

By: Subha Ali

Fashion Brands Paving The Way For

Luxury & Quality In The U.S.

There are endless fashion brands founded in the U.S.. Finding the top three can be difficult, from small businesses to giant corporations to fast fashion and luxury brands.

These top three brands include one from each category based on consumer use, styles, and quality. Let's take a peek at these brands and their evolution in modern day America!

Looking Fetching With Fitch: Corporation Abercombie & Fitch

Abercombie was founded in New York; the brand has undergone many style changes in its clothing and the store's look. The brand sells clothing for men, women, and kids and has become increasingly popular this year, especially with denim.

During the 1990s and 2000s, the brand was trendy among teenagers because its advertisements revolved around shirtless young male models. Since then, the brand has had an overall change in its image.

The rebrand saved the brand's image and sales. Abercombie has gone through periods of rises and falls continuously. This brand is a prime example of how important a brand's image is and maintaining fashion that is on trend. It is also a great example of showing how important it is for a brand to be size inclusive.

The brand now offers a variety of sizes and classy clothing. It is now known for its basics, loungewear, jackets, and denim. The demographic has now changed from teenagers to adults. Although the clothing can be pricier, their rebrand and quality have made the brand worth trying.

Forever In Trend

With Fast Fashion Forever 21

Forever 21 was founded in California and first emerged in the 1980s. It has been known for its on-trend cheap clothing. Although the brand is considered fast fashion and will not last as a staple piece in your wardrobe, people buy their clothing for a season because it is cheap and on-trend.

Forever 21 gained popularity because of their prices and were the fastest brand to produce clothes on-trend. No matter when you go into the store, the clothing will be on trend and for the season. The brand is also size-inclusive, offering sizes from XS to 4X.

If you are looking for on-trend items you don't need to last years, Forever 21 is the place to buy them, as they are cheap and can be used for the season while the trend lasts. Remember that the quality is not the best, so whatever pieces you buy, you will not be wearing for the next five years.

A Fashion Pioneer Of The Industry:

Luxury Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was founded in New York in the 1960s. It is a timeless and classy brand and has always been popular. Recently it has become a popular brand among people in their 20s.

Ralph Lauren also sticks out among other luxury brands because of their commitment to producing high-quality items from their materials to the product's construction.

Ralph Lauren's image is based on being preppy, which entails class, wealth, and having an outfit for every occasion. Its prep image is also why it is so successful; many people love the brand.

Ralph Lauren remains on-trend throughout the brand's existence because their timeless pieces stick to the classics. The brand has a particular classiness and elegance because of its timeless pieces, which also differ from other luxurious brands.


An endless amount of brands can be talked about and put on this list, including smaller businesses; however, this list is made up of the more prominent, successful brands started in the U.S..

Although these brands are successful, it is essential to note the mistakes they made and how important it is for a brand to listen to its consumers and stay on trend.

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