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The Fashion Marketing Industry & How Trends Are Pushed Forward

By: Subha Ali

"As The Seasons Change, So Do The Trends"

Shopping for clothing can be repetitive, especially when you have a unique or particular style. Most outlet stores at the mall have similar clothing released for each season, just priced differently. However, fashion trends are constantly changing and are hard to keep up with for each transition. From skinny jeans to mom jeans, from fuzzy jackets to leather jackets, the trends are

constantly evolving, and items are continually going out of style.

In a sense, brands keep up with "what is fashion" for the season. However, how do these brands know what will be trending and what their following collection will look like? To keep up with what's hot, the fashion marketing industry focuses on advertising these trends to their consumer. This then leads consumers to buy new clothes to stay in fashion continuously.

As for how brands know what trends to keep up with is based on "trend forecasting"; each brand goes through trend forecasting to predict what the market will look like. These trends are then pushed forward through marketing to make sure consumers will buy the product. It's more of a general overview of what the trends are rather than just propaganda for the masses.

In today's time, the trends are constantly changing. This means that items go out of fashion, come back into fashion, and new items become trends. This is so the fashion industry can continue making money. In other-words, trends that are obsolete, recycled, or stepping to the forefront as something new are all taken into consideration for the fashion marketing industry to consistently bring in more revenue regardless of what the trend is.

The Different Forms of Marketing

Everyone hears the word "marketing" when used in tandem with the fashion industry. There are many consumers who want to know what are the different forms of marketing that can be utilized? Well, let's dive in a little further to investigate those different forms!

1. Virtual Marketing / Online Marketing

Online marketing is the first form of marketing used. Companies market online or virtually based on demographics and geographical location. Companies also place advertisements on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., so that when people scroll through social media, they come across the ad. This is something that many brands have taken advantage of. Using this method of advertisement is a great way to reach more consumers and promote more growth for that company.

2. Print Advertisement

Print marketing is an essential form of marketing. However, this is less popular as it stays in one place. That being said, this is a form of advertisement that consumers must come across it when it is presented. On the contrary, it is an excellent way for brands to get their name recognized.

There are many forms of print advertisement that are used in today's era. Some of those forms that are common are newspapers and editorials. Some companies will even take advantage of flyers and promotional graphics. With the mainstream of technology reaching an all-time high, this has not caused the usage of print advertisements to become obsolete. More so, print advertisements are not as common as picking up your phone or computer and scrolling through your feeds or searching the company's website.

3. Event Branding / Event Marketing

The last form of marketing is event marketing. This resource allows brands to use events for advertising their clothing and apparel. Many of the pieces presented from event marketing are fashion pieces that are seen on celebrities and influencers to promote the brand’s clothing. This also encourages people to wear the marketed pieces because they saw it on someone famous. So, you can say there is a heavy influence that follows from utilizing this method.

All of these brands focus on the product, the price, the place, and the promotion when it comes to marketing. Any brand can keep up with trends and produce clothing, which makes the industry so competitive between brands. The Fashion brand, just like any other brands, rely on marketing their products so consumers choose their store over another.

And when it comes to the event branding side of it all, there are tons of designers that have taken sincere advantage of this method. Once a trend is released, or re-released, influencers that utilize event branding not only see it as an opportunity to launch a visualization of the trend, but they are also able to build a stable network connection with other individuals in the fashion industry.

How Trends are Created and Pushed Forward

Trends are created from various methods that are prominent such as celebrities, influencers, runways, and social media. Many trends that soon become popular are started by one person who wears an item; may that item be something that was previously worn from a prior circulation or a new item that is current. Through the media, people are influenced to purchase that item, which then leads to brands producing that item for consumers.

1. The Trends Are TRENDING

In addition, trends are pushed forward through brands and social media in tandem. On the subject of social media, this outlet has a strong influence on people. One of the popular social media platforms that are commonly used for fashion influence is TikTok.

Many people who use TikTok see outfits, clothing finds, and new releases through the app and are inclined to buy the items after seeing someone else wearing them. The brand’s marketing is also highly effective in pushing trends forward. The way brands advertise has a way of attracting consumers to get their attention just so the same consumers are distracted from other influences. This then pushes the consumer to land on their websites or stores with a credit card in hand.

2. Money, Money, Money!

As we proceed forward, we will now discuss how trends are pushed forward solely for financial purposes. When it comes it, people are easily influenced and want to stay updated with the latest trends that are on the circuit. This plays an intricate part in why trends constantly change.

The more individuals want to stay up to date, the more they find themselves having to shop more frequently.

Keeping up with the fashionista Joneses can be critical to many people who love fashion and are cognizant of their style and appeal when it comes to presentation. Staple pieces, which will last longer and tend to stay in style, are where you should spend more money. When shopping for trending fashion wear, spending less money at stores that are lower priced will help you keep up with the trends without your wallet screaming for help.

On a beneficial note, with the rise of fashion trends and the rise of crazy prices that follow, there are also platforms where you can rent clothing and sell old clothes that aren’t trending or clothing that you don't wear anymore. Seems like a surprise, doesn't it? Well, this is something that is essential for your pocket when searching for fashionable attire for a grand event or if you are looking to place your old trendy items into a "fashion recycle bin". So, with the usage of this type of resource, you can save money AND make money!


As we conclude, keeping up with trends can be relatively inexpensive. If you see an advertisement of a brand or a social media post of a piece of clothing that is expensive, other brands will likely offer something similar. Explore brands and prices when it comes to trends. Who knows? During your exploration, you might even find a trend that is not only popular but will also have your bank account smiling from ear to ear.


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