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The Fashion Hope Brand Exuding Inspiration, Awareness, & Innovation

By: Subha Ali

Marc Palmer Creating A Safe Space Through Fashion:

Who Is Fashion Hope?

Fashion Hope educates communities about the dangers of human trafficking and how clothing can end the demand for slavery seen in sweatshops worldwide, including in the United States.

They are a non-profit organization that raises funds and donations to support survivors of human trafficking throughout the United States, Canada, and parts of Africa.

Fashion Hope was founded by Marc Palmer in 2010. He is an entrepreneur and business developer and has a passion for philanthropy. He is also an advisor on ethical manufacturing projects in Africa and is involved with the Ethical Shopping Guide.

The Power & Purpose Of Fashion Hope’s Mission

The mission behind Fashion Hope aims to give hope and confidence to survivors of human injustice such as; human trafficking survivors, factory workers, and modern slavery. All of this is incorporated through the expression of fashion. Fashion Hope believes raising awareness about human trafficking and industry slavery can create a progressive change.

While diving into the art of charity, Fashion Hope raises funds and donations through clothing, shoes, and accessories. The Fashion Hope collective can also reduce textile waste by receiving donated clothes and using them to dress survivors.

Bringing Awareness: Fashion Hope Goes Deeper

On The Subject Of Human Trafficking

Fashion Hope states it takes 12 months or more to recover from psychological and emotional problems that arise for survivors of human trafficking.

Survivors of human trafficking usually end up at shelters leaving all their possessions behind. Fashion Hope helps survivors when they are ready to leave the shelter, need clothing for job interviews, need confidence in the real world, and need hope.

Fashion Hope holds a clothing drive every month across North America. They encourage donors to donate used, unworn, and unwanted fashion goods rather than selling or throwing them away.

They give these donated clothes to women who survived human trafficking and often own nothing than the clothes on their backs.

Taking A Hike For Freedom On Mount Kilimanjaro

Fashion Hope has partnerships in Africa. To expand their network, they have wanted to do more than just clothing drives.

In addition, the team of the amazing movement had an idea to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. The organization has tried to make it a fundraiser to help their partners and operating expenses.

Along with the Mount Kilimanjaro hike, Fashion Hope included the launch of the 3.6 Freedom Walk. The event includes a walk, run, or bike ride on the day the participants would hike Mount Kilimanjaro. Fashion Hope plans to start a live stream the first day they start the hike. It is USD 25.00 to participate. Their goal is to raise $100,000 for this fundraiser.


Fashion Hope is striving to make a difference in the world. Their organization can draw attention to human trafficking survivors, factory workers, and modern slavery. They are also able to help the survivors gain confidence, strive through injustice, and provide hope.

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