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Rise Of The Past, Race To The Future: Fashion Cannot Help But Escape Today

By: Madison Johnson

We Get It…

Today's world is constantly changing, this statement is as old as dirt and has overstated itself to death. Although much of modern-day news can have a melancholic feel that can't help but plunge us into a tragic episode, some news can be lighthearted. Fashion would be at the top of the list of riveting topics that will get you out of any funk! Many styles have been taking off this year, especially in the fall and winter seasons.

Fashion has traveled from the low-rise styles of the 2000s, all the way back to the 1930s "Old Money'' chic with oxfords and pearls. Let's explore what affairs are dazzling the wondrous wild world of trends and chic. What in the world are people wearing today?

UGH?! or UGH!

Now that the weather has been cooling down, which already seemed impossible considering global warming, is at an all-time high–no pun intended; people have decided to resort back to their roots. UGGs have been making a comeback that some people didn't even know about. UGGs are a "blast from the past" shoe. Many considered UGGs as a bit outdated and "cheugy" saying the bulbous boot was a demeaning reminder of this generation's middle school years. However, recently they've been popping off left and right. Everyone has been specifically fond of the "Classic Mini Boot II" and the "Classic Ultra Mini" in the original Chestnut color.

People are starting to remember UGGs are extremely comfortable and such a staple basic to have, especially for the colder months. UGGs are a snuggly addition to many people's basics and they are often paired with more relaxed outfits. They can also be seen dressed up a bit under light-wash boyfriend jeans since the shorter boot fits nicely under an array of jean types. Safe to say UGGs are now considered a timeless item and understandably so. They are basic enough to go with almost everything, their versatility and brand ethos make them unique.

Hot Yoga is Indeed Hot…Workout-Wear is IN!

Treading close to the ideology of UGGs, comfortability has always been a wave, but it's especially been a trend recently. Athleisure has been seen everywhere and many brands are hotter than ever right now. LuluLemon has made an unexpected return due to new traffic on the "Define Jacket *Luon" specifically in the color Pink Peony. This can be thanks to the new trend of "Pilates Princess Aesthetic". This trend in essence is athleisure with completely feminine energy. Many women are wearing lighter shades such as white, beige, and of course light pink when they go to work out. Pilates has been the trending wellness it-girl due to its luxe feel since many female influencers swear by it. UGGs are also paired with this hyper-feminine athleisure look, maxing out the effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Pilates isn't the only workout that has taken the internet by storm, but ballet has, out of the blue, become such a trendy way to move the body. Young adults and beyond are living out their childhood fantasies by choosing to get into Ballet in their later years, attending classes, and breaking societal norms, and they look wonderful doing it! "Ballet Core" is similar to the "Pilates Princess Aesthetic" in that the style is very feminine, dainty, and pink. Accessories such as ballet flats and shrugs have made appearances outside the studio. Boleros as well as relaxed forms of leotards manifested into casual street fashion. The Bolero, leotard, and UGGs combo has a chokehold on the streets of New York City. People are coming up with so many different ways of wearing these articles of clothing even outside of general athleisure, it is an eccentric accessory that uniquely adds layers.

"That girl" is wearing what?

This next trend is a fan favorite because it looks so different for each person. Social media has taken the idea of "vlogging" and run with it. People online seem to be more open with their personal lives, and take their audience along on their self-improvement journeys. This has interestingly touched fashion. The "That Girl/ Clean Girl" aesthetic is one of those styles that differentiates itself from the others because it's more personal. "That Girl/ Clean Girl" is a woman who takes extreme care of herself, whether that's as simple as keeping hydrated for the day– or following a 25-step skincare routine.

The point of "That Girl/ Clean Girl" is that she can be whoever YOU are. Trendy items that have followed this trend have been claw clips, lots of monochromatic outfits, and minimalist styles. This aesthetic accentuates the features everyone already has, instead of covering them up with makeup or bulky clothing. These clothes are very airy, light, and basic. YOU are the main attraction, not your outfit.

Acrylic nail styles look a lot different from what we are used to seeing in that many people are opting for a simple "milky white" or french tip. Some people are choosing to abandon acrylics altogether and go for an extremely natural look, fitting for the trend.

The rise of certain brands such as SKIMS is aiding in the vibe of this trend. SKIMS, Kim Kardashian's loungewear, and underwear brand is going viral on every single platform. People adore how fitting her basics are and how they complement most people's body types in ways they didn't think were possible. The famous "Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress" has broken the internet, and people are buying it left and right. SKIMS is a perfect example of how people are just choosing to opt for a more minimalist look, staying in very basic colors and styles for their clothing.

We Close Out With, " Ladies ARE Luxury

Since the end of quarantine, a lot of people are slowly stepping out of the fast-fashion era, and into an era of sustainable shopping as well as thrifting. It would be wise to stray away from one-and-done patterns and into more timeless fabrics and designs. The thrifting craze is still at a high and with it, people are picking out many classing pieces that remind us some things in fashion are immortal.

We have surpassed the Y2K era we were dipping our toes into and we have embraced the "Old Money" aesthetic which can date back to about the 1930s. The "Old Money" aesthetic combines a regal theme with a touch of old luxury. Fur coats and leather garments, especially jackets, blazers, and blazers are just the beginning. "Old Money" is a preppy aesthetic combining these garments with oxfords, slacks, turtlenecks, kitten heels, and sweaters of any kind. To top the entire look off classic accessories such as a dainty designer bag, pantyhose, pearls, or a nice pair of shades will be added. This look includes lots of formal colors such as black, brown, white, navy blue, and many shades of red. This aesthetic is on the opposite side of the spectrum from our prior trends. Instead of a dainty, coquette look, "Old Money" is more luxurious, alluring, and mysterious.

Brands such as Hermes, Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Dior, and Cartier are in the limelight currently–as their pieces fit the "Old Money" luxe quite well. People are including lots of jewelry from Chanel such as the iconic "CC Stud Earrings" from a few years ago as well as a multitude of handbags. Ralph Lauren has been getting quite the notability due to its latest fashion show, Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2023, including lots of polos, long trenches, oxfords, and suits. Lots of people are nuzzling into their style of avoiding the modern day. We have surpassed the Y2K era and we've entered "Old Money" which is a more classic, pristine, and preppy and people look astonishing doing so. Forget respecting our elders, and thank them for the styles that have been curated into a modern trend.

We Didn't Forget About The Future... Did you?

Enough about the past. Fashion tends to weave in and out of decades while all the while staying in the present. While all of these trends are going on, we still are sticking to what we as a generation know best, which is technology. Tech has been integrated into fashion as well. More specifically–headphones. The oversized headphone aesthetic has been taking the world by storm. People are loving the Apple "Airpod Max", not only for its quality but for its look. The huge headphone trend is the oddest of the list but by far is the largest. Everyone has some kind of large headphone added to their outfit these days. Whether it's a pair of Airpod Maxs, Beats, or Sony "WH-1000XM4s". People love adding these headphones to any outfit, but especially the athleisure/ ultra casual ones. Take a stroll on the streets of New York, you'll see an army of tech heads at every angle.


Like most fashion trends, they are unexplainable. There isn't ever a viable reason why the current generation takes so much inspiration from the previous ones. Social media such as Tik Tok and Pinterest have aided this generation in discovering all the chic and one-of-a-kind styles our world had to offer. From the romantic, idyllic, and dainty aesthetic of the coquette "Pilates Princess" trend, to the elegant, alluring, and sophisticated style of "Old Money"; women seem to be tapping into their version of divine femininity, avoiding the male gaze and wearing what is empowering to them. We can't help but love it!

Through all these new styles and aesthetics you can live the lives of so many people that came before. The documentation of all these trends says an array of conclusions but the universal statement would be fashion, is truly immortal.

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